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Since its first day of class on October 15, 1855, SI has stood for excellence in academics. Even then, the Jesuits were experienced educators, having opened their first school in 1548.

How Good is an SI College Preparatory Education?

Test scores, while not the final measure of a school’s success, do show how well we prepare students for college:

  • On average, SI’s students score 100 points higher on the SAT verbal section and 75 points higher on the math section compared to student averages in California and the U.S. 
  • Our AP program is among the top 1 percent in the U.S. Typically SI students pass 80 percent of their AP exams, 23 points higher than the national average.

SI’s top-notch college preparatory education helps students get into the colleges that are the best for them, from the most selective universities to schools that are tailor made for their specific needs.

More important than test scores is the joy, passion and growth students experience in their courses. The knowledge and skills they acquire lead to wisdom, understanding and action. Even before they graduate, they are agents of change, seeking to improve their world by striving for justice, compassion and dignity for their communities.