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Resource Lab Class

SI provides a Resource Lab class for additional support for students who need targeted support for previous grades, academic performance, challenges or specific learning supports. Our commitment is to provide an excellent education and build upon the academic skills of a student so they can and reach their full potential.

The class will concentrate on providing a structured learning environment during the students’ Resource Period and will be a designated time for the students to build on those academic skills necessary for success in our college preparatory environment.

Resource Lab will take the place of Resource Period and attendance is recorded. Students will check-in with one of the CATS staff for support. During this time the students will do any of the following:

  • Prepare for tests/quizzes
  • Complete assignments for their academic classes
  • Receive support with executive functioning skills such as organization, planning, and time-management
  • Build and practice communication and self-advocacy skills with the goal of guiding students to foster strong communication and collaboration with their teachers.

Resource Lab class will become a part of your child’s academic routine at St. Ignatius and the structured learning environment will have a positive impact on their experience and learning at SI.

Approval Policy to Unenroll in Resource Lab

  1. The student needs to have a 3.2 GPA or higher when quarter grades are posted.
  2. The student's parents need to send an email to and Ms. Devencenzi for permission for their child to drop the Resource Lab class.