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Online Learning Supports

A few simple tips:

  • Create a space dedicated to learning
  • Identify the time of day you learn best
  • Ask questions: use your classmates, email your teacher, work on being proactive
  • Work backwards - identify your goals for the day and devise a plan on how to get that accomplished
  • Research freely - want to dive deeper into a question, use the tools at your fingertips to learn more
  • FINALLY - do the work - you are responsible for your learning outcomes, the time you put in to this new experience is valuable and important, knowing that sometimes makes working "easier"
  • Need some tips from PBS? Check them out here

Check out this great link reinforcing what's listed above

More digital learning tips from Northeastern University

Assistive Technology

Screen Readers and Audiobooks

Background Noise Filters

YouTube Filter - watch just the video you are supposed to watch!