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Podcast Tools

Recording Hardware

The Library has a collection of audio recording equipment available for checkout in the library.  It includes: five IOS microphones,  five USB Yeti Microphones, a Tascam handheld recorder, and four sets of headphones.

Here are two quick guides that cover how to use the library microphones.

Quick guide to using the IOS Microphone

Quick guide to using the Yeti Microphone

Recording & Editing Software

Descript Free audio editing software that can be downloaded to a desktop or laptop (not available for IOS or Google Apps).  Descript transcribes audio files and allows the user to edit audio like one would a Google doc.  AMAZING!

There is a very simple, quick tutorial that opens up once the software is downloaded.  Take it. It will make using Descript super easy.

Soundtrap Demo A turnkey web-based podcast production application.

GarageBand Tutorial Recording and editing software available on Macs and IOS devices.

Audacity Tutorial Free recording software that works on Macs or PCs.

Google Voice* You will need to download Google Voice to your iPad or iPhone and follow the steps in the link to enable call recording.

*The Library highly recommends Google Voice for recording phone interviews.