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Drop Off, Pickup & Parking

SI Traffic and Parking Plan

We have implemented a southbound direction only procedure with respect to student drop off and pick up. These procedures are implemented for student and pedestrian safety. The plan is designed to eliminate double parking, reduce traffic back-up on Sunset Blvd., and prevent car accidents and injuries caused by backups and students jaywalking and/or darting between traffic. 

Please follow directions given by the SI guards. Do not double park in traffic lanes, stop in the cross-walks or bus zone, as these actions back up traffic and are prohibited by law.  

Official White Zone No Stopping

AM DROP OFFS 8-10:15 a.m.:  We require families approaching school, whether from the North, South, East Bay or San Francisco, to use white curb zone in the southbound direction. FROSH and SOPHOMORES use the drop off at the ORRADRE COURTYARD ZONE south of Pacheco. JUNIORS and SENIORS use the drop off at the GYM ZONE south of Quintara. Move forward to the top of the lane and have your students prepared to enter/exit your vehicle promptly.   Parents and visitors who have business with the school may park in the white zone between the hours of 10 a.m.–2 p.m.



Double parking or stopping in the traffic lane are prohibited for drop off/pick up of students between Pacheco and Riviera on 37th Ave.  Students will be subject to dentition if observed exiting double parked vehicles and/or jaywalking along 37th Ave.

Keep Traffic Moving

If you find insufficient room to pull into the drop-off zones, please drive around the block and re-enter the drop-off zones when space is available. Do not make U-turns along 37th Ave. or at the intersections. 

Afternoon Co-curricular Pickup at 6 P.M.

Drivers are to approach school via the southbound direction only between Quintara and Rivera Streets.  Move forward and enter your vehicle promptly.  Do not wait or park in Bus Zone. Buses used for commuting, practices, games and retreats need to be able to park in the bus zone.


Students who drive to school are required to display a student parking permit, regardless where they park while at school. Parking on 37th Ave. between Pacheco and Quintara Streets is reserved for FACULTY/STAFF ONLY. All student drivers must register for the parking permit and display them on their driver-side front windshields. This has proven to be beneficial in identifying student cars about to be towed for illegal parking or blocking our neighbors' driveways.  The average cost of a citation and tow is $600.

The school garage under the tennis courts is restricted to Faculty/Staff only between 6 a.m.-3:30 p.m.

Speed Limits

All streets adjacent to the school campus are designated as 15 MPH SCHOOL ZONE when students are present. Please watch your speed!

Thank you for your cooperation!