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Thanks to its location off Sunset Blvd., there are many convenient ways to get to SI. Whether you're taking public transportation, bicycling, riding SI's bus service, or driving, please follow these procedures to help make your commute smoother.

Public Transportation

San Francisco's MUNI system runs several lines that stop in front of or near the school. The 29 Sunset, 48 Quintara, and 7 Haight/Noriega all have stops within easy walking distance of SI's campus. The L Taraval, N Judah, 18 46th Avenue, and 66 Quintara routes have stops a few blocks further away, but still within walking distance for most people.

Use Google Maps or MUNI's Trip Planner to see if taking MUNI is right for you.

Youth through 18 years of age may ride MUNI free until at least June 2024.


SI has bicycle hangers and bicycle racks on campus. The hangers, which are reserved for faculty and staff, are located outdoors under the Student Plaza on the back side of the school, near the Band Room. The bicycle racks are located in the parking lot under the tennis courts. All are first-come, first-serve, and owners are responsible for properly securing their bicycles.

SI Bus Service

Each year, SI contracts with CYO Transportation to transport Marin and San Mateo County students to and from school every day. See the SI Bus Service page for more information about routes and pricing.

Drop-off, Pickup, and Parking

For people coming to SI in cars, we have specific procedures for morning drop-off and afternoon pickup. See our Drop-Off and Pickup page for complete instructions and videos. Students may be dropped off or picked up only on the southbound side of 37th Ave., in the lanes coned off for that purpose.

Students who drive themselves to school and park are required to display a student parking permit granted by SI Security. Request a student parking permit. Parking on 37th Ave. between Pacheco and Quintara is reserved for faculty and staff only. Parking in the school garage under the tennis courts is for faculty and staff only from 6 a.m.-4 p.m, Monday through Friday. Students may park in the garage on weekdays from 4-7 p.m.