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Two buses service each of the morning routes. CYO makes every attempt to keep the buses on schedule; students who arrive late at the stop in the morning are expected to get to school on their own. Parents who drive their children to the bus stop and arrive late should not flag down the bus, but follow it to the next stop. The bus driver is instructed to pick up students only at the designated stops as listed on the schedule. The San Mateo County morning busses are coded RED and BLUE because each has a different route. Please note which bus services your stop.

Riding the CYO bus is a privilege. It is the responsibility of each student to act in a mature and civil manner at all times. The Student/Parent Handbook states: "disruptive conduct on city buses or school buses will result in automatic disciplinary action, possible suspension and, in severe cases, the student will be liable to dismissal from St. Ignatius." This school policy applies to all who ride the CYO commuter buses.

Specific guidelines concerning student conduct are as follows:

  • Students MUST obey the directions of the bus driver at all times.
  • There should be no eating or drinking while on the bus.
  • The noise level should not be a source of distraction for the driver.
  • Objects may not be thrown in or out of the bus.
  • There must be no verbal or physical disturbances between students.
  • No standing or moving about while the bus is moving.
  • Do not chase a bus with your car. If you have missed the stop, go to the next stop and get on the bus.
  • If you have missed the afternoon bus, do not run to chase it down, you have to catch the next bus.

Should you need to contact the CYO Transportation Company directly, their number is 650-757-2110. They are in telephone contact with their buses at all times and can help with any emergency inquiries you may have. Please read carefully with your child the information regarding student conduct while riding on the bus.