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Ignatian Educational Groundings

The following, published by SI's Office of Adult Spirituality, is a DVD series that offers a comprehensive review of key Jesuit and Ignatian terms and way of proceeding. Available for purchase. Created by Paul Hanley, a former SI religious studies teacher. For more information on this resource, contact Megan Pryor Lorentz at  

Topic/Content for Each Session

Each presentation will include historical context, reference to experiences and documents in Ignatian spirituality and Jesuit education; connection to universal Church; introduction to several key persons; contemporary application

Session 1: Finding God in All Things: Ignatian Educational Groundings

Ratio Studiorum, Characteristics of Jesuit Education, uniqueness of humanities approach to education, grounded in mission of Jesus – every encounter is an opportunity for “saving souls”

Session 2: Men and Women With and For Others: Inculturation and Solidarity

Ignatius’ teaching on adaptation; Francis Xavier, Mateo Ricci, missionary style; GC 32-33, Men for Others, Responding to the Call of Christ; Catholic Social Teaching; Cura Personalis

Session 3: Contemplatives in Action: Our Way of Proceeding

Jesuit Constitutions; call to ministry – work is prayer, but need to pray; Our Way of Proceeding, GC 33-35, Examen

Ignatian Project: Understanding Ignatian Spirituality

This DVD series, also created by Paul Hanley, tells the story of the life of St. Ignatius of Loyola and defines key Ignatian terms. For more information on this resource, contact Megan Pryor Lorentz at