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Wildcast Podcast Club

Wildcast Podcast Club

The Wildcast Podcast Club is for students who are interested in, curious about, or obsessed with podcasts, from confirmed audiophiles to occasional podcast listeners. 

Students brainstorm and produce their own series which are published as part of Wildcast, SI's student-produced podcast. 

Students producers learn and practice the nuts & bolts (interviewing, music/sound, editing, promotion) of podcast production.

Interested in joining the club? It's never too late.  Email club moderator: Ms. Brancoli 

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When/Where does the club meet and how often?

Students schedule initial meetings with Ms. Brancoli to sketch out plans for their episode or series, and then work independently on production.  Ms. Brancoli will meet with student producers periodically, and as needed, for guidance and direction.

What do we do?

Student podcast producers work collaboratively and/or independently to make their audio idea a reality.

Students  have the choice to produce stand alone episodes or ongoing series.

The club usually produces several 5-30 minute Wildcast episodes each semester depending on student participation.

What is the format of Wildcast?

Wildcast doesn't follow one format; instead, the podcast features a variety of student produced series and/or stand alone episodes.

Different students may explore different formats and podcast styles.

Will I have to do any talking on the podcast?

No. There are plenty of ways to contribute to producing a podcast that don't include having your voice recorded, namely technical recording and editing.

Do I need special tech skills?

No.  If you have experience with audio production, great!  If not, no problem--you will pick up some new skills!

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