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About Us

At SITV, students learn:

  • video editing skills for professional and social media use
  • video camera skills for eye-catching and creative imagery
  • drone, gimbal, camera, audio, and lighting knowledge for technical mastery of high-end equipment

Students create engaging videos and collaborate with the student body to produce the school’s announcements. Whether it be via commercials with athletes, interviews with faculty, and the like, students learn the ins and outs of producing high quality video content. Students have fun semester-long and potentially year-long projects to consistently engage in, such as the all school “lip dub,” a version of Vogue’s “an interview with [person], one month later…,” a music video with clips from SI events across the entire year in order, and more.

Want to Join SITV?

There are two options: you can join the club or take the single semester-long class for academic credit that appears on your transcript but does not factor into the GPA. The SITV class is also UC G Accredited as an elective. If you're interested, please email